Email Security

Redjelli has noticed an increase in the number of spam and phishing  emails to our clients, Redjelli has taken technical steps to mitigate against these malicious emails but to ensure that your systems are not affected your vigilance is required when using your email system.  Please familiarise yourself with the security  guidance below to ensure that your computer systems remains functional.


  • Do not trust calls or emails  from suppliers such as Microsoft or Window’s technical support agent;
  • Redjelli, Microsoft, BT etc WILL NOT email you to reset your password.
  • Always maintain a strong and confidential password to ensure the security of your system; never share your password, smartcard or access code.
  • Always report suspected spam or phishing emails to Redjelli by forwarding the email to [email protected] and deleting it from your inbox, sent and deleted items without clicking on any attachments or links;
  •  Avoid logging into your email account on a publicly accessible computer such as computers in an internet cafes

For further advice and guidance on IT Security please email [email protected]