RJ IT Support

We offer dedicated and affordable IT infrastructure support to Small to Medium Sized businesses. Many organisations simply do not have the requirement or budget for a dedicated IT department. Redjelli can offer a perfectly tailored support package to suit your companies individual needs, from backing up your existing IT department to offering a fully outsourced service, Redjelli are the perfect choice for you.

RJ IT Managed Services

We always carry out thorough audits of our clients businesses to ensure we have an exact picture of their IT requirement. Constantly monitoring systems to ensure the smooth running of the IT infrastructure, ensuring potential issues are spotted and fixed prior to them becoming a problem. Our dedicated team of IT professionals ready to offer help over the phone or through our remote desktop support portal.

  • Work with an experienced and dedicated IT professionals

    We are committed to investing in the best people. All of our engineers are experienced in IT Support.

  • Sleep easy at night knowing that your IT infrastructure is working well for your business

    Receive immediate response when IT issues disrupt your productivity. You will also experience fewer IT problems due to constant server and network monitoring and maintenance carried out by our IT support team.

  • IT support and management tailored to your business requirements

    IT support and management tailored to your individual business requirements

RJ IT Help desk

The Redjelli help desk has a wealth of IT experience at its finger tips and ready to help you with your IT issue either via the telephone or through its dedicated remote desktop support system. Should the problem be to complex for remote or telephone support we also offer a quick response on-site service to all of our clients.

RJ IT Remote Support

Remote support – We use a range of tools to remotely access customer systems to carry out diagnostic work, remedial actions and configuration requests. This means you are not sitting around waiting for the engineer to arrive on site to get you back up and running, and we can reduce our costs (and therefore our charges!) by dialing directly into your system from our service desk.