TV Licencing – Phishing Email

We have been made aware of a phishing emails currently being banded around the internet. These emails are designed to gain financial information.

You can safely delete this email.

Please see copy of email below;

Email Example

Subject: Expires on 11 November 2018

Admonitory: there is no licence at your address

As there is no updated BBC TelevisionLicence at your address, you should expect a visit from an enforcement-officer.

It may be on 11th november or on another day. If you are caught watching or recording live TV, or any channel or device, you could face a fine up to 1000.00 plus any legal costs and/or compensations.
The same applies if you are caught downloading or watching BBC programmes on iPlayer.

Solve this problem now : http://URL removed for security purposes (this would be a clickable link to a website)

Stop a visit before it is too late.
BBC National Television – Update your details
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